Saturday, September 26, 2009

Music (1996-2001)

Here's a song I wrote. I wrote the first words in 1996, finishing a full draft within a few days. I put it aside for a long time and made a couple of word changes for the final draft in 1999 and finally started working on the music. The music is real tedious for me. I did it on the computer. Working on it for awhile and putting it away again for LONG periods of time, I finally finished it in 2001.

Without going into my whole medical history, I was afraid I could lose hearing or pitch to finish it. I made a demo of myself singing it and had it copyrighted. I sent it to a company for a "professional" demo. It sounds like a rehearsal in a place or two, some unnecessary re-syncopating, and less chords in places, but overall I guess I was pleased with it. (You won't find my demo here! Of course I am getting better so some day maybe I'll be able to make a better demo myself, though I'm not so great solo.)

I've been told it isn't really colloquial enough for country (actually that's my wording), so maybe it should be arranged for Adult Contemporary. I wrote it with Reba McEntire in mind to sing it. I'm still a fan of her, though I don't really listen to country these days. She used to accept song submissions, and asked for them when planning a gospel album (that never happened), but she doesn't accept them directly anymore because she gets thousands.

Only one person asked me who it's about. I think some were afraid to and some assumed. Anyway it's not really about anyone specific; it's more about the feelings, no one person fits all that's going on in the song (though it isn't real specific story telling, like country usually would be).

I also wrote a bridge with a little more positive spin. The demo company wasn't interested in it if they could get my money. They had probably already quickly thrown the track down anyway (but wouldn't be able to "release" it unless I paid and signed off on it). The bridge would have gone to a third chorus. I also considered renaming it to "Still In Love With You" because I was told it doesn't have enough a hook. That wouldn't really give it more of a real hook, but it would be more memorable from the song. (If it were just an album "filler" it wouldn't really matter anyway.)

Anyway, if you've read all of this, you've done very well. This is probably the only place you'll hear this song. It's in MP3 format, which is standard enough if you don't have a player you could easily find one.

Thanks for listening.

Never Get Over You © 2001 Channing Humphries. (12.7 MB)

I have other lyrics that might eventually be songs, that may or may not ever be sung by anyone real. I should probably try to collaborate eventually.

If you'd actually like the CD, you can email me and I can give you the number of the recording company, who may or may not be able to sell you a copy.

If you would like to publish and/or record the song and are interested in the bridge and original version as well, you can also email me for information, etc.

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