Sunday, September 27, 2009

Filmography - pay-to-charity, volunteer, SAG ultra-low budget unpaid

"This Can't Be My Life" Short Film: Ahmed Best, dir./co-wr.

sidewalk café patron / club patron in parking lot (SAG no pay)

Episode 2 of 3; possible future pilot; not sure if it was in the short film fest

Tracie Thoms on set. Co-writer/Actor Sheilynn Wactor also on set.

San Francisco Black Film Festival June 15, 2008.
I can be seen in Episode 2 trailer on MySpace.

approx 17% of frame

"Fixing Rhonda" Indie student film

lawyer walking outside of courthouse (SAG no pay)

Stars John Aniston

"Walkout" HBO films
Chicano Productions; Edward James Olmos, dir.

Peaceful protestor (volunteer)

Stars Alexa Vega, Michael Pena, Efren Ramirez
Air date March 18, 2006

"7-10 Split"

Bowling spectator at Akron, Ohio Open bowling tournament (volunteer)

Stars Tara Reid.

Hungarian TV August 23, 2007
Japan DVD release March 10, 2008

"You Did What?" independent film
You Did What Productions; Jeff Morris, wr/dir.

Stage director point-cueing announcer at talk show (volunteer day)
bar-opening patron; bachelor party guest (work day)

Stars Ed Kerr, Kathy Wagner, A.J. Buckley, Jason George, Ian Gomez, Kelly Overton

Hungarian TV April 4, 2007

"Walk the Talk" Independent film

Audience member at self-help/motivational seminar (volunteer)

Stars Cary Elwes and Illeana Douglas

Release ? - Sweden 2007


Independent film : Abbey Productions (DVD)

Congregational/community in close-up scene in the background with principals

Stars Chris Pine, Tom Bosley, Peter Greene

Orinda Film Festival, San Francisco CA mid-October 2004
Screening April 13, 2005, Hollywood CA
DVD release November 29, 2005

approx. 100% of frame
approx. 21% of frame

from "making of..."

approx. 19% of frame

"The Longest Yard" feature film

Spectator (volunteer as seen in film, pics; also worked a day not seen)
"Don't Mess With Texas" T-shirt, front and second row in various scenes,
also deleted scene on DVD

Theater release May 27, 2005
DVD release: September 20, 2005

approx. 100% of frame
approx. 100% of frame
approx. 23% of frame

"Rebound" feature film AKA "The Untitled Martin Lawrence Project"
Twentieth Century Fox

crowd extra, front row under hoop in one shot (volunteer)

Theater release July 1, 2005
DVD release December 20, 2005

"Fat Albert" feature film
Twentieth Century Fox

crowd extra (volunteer)

Theater release December 25, 2004
DVD release March 29, 2005

"Clubhouse" episode (1.5 "Spectator Interference")
CBS: Joanna Kerns, dir.

crowd extra, seen on TV "broadcast" on TV show (volunteer)

Air date Saturday, November 6, 2005, 8/7

approx. 5% of frame

"Coach Carter" feature film
Paramount/MTV, charity auction connected to Sam Jackson's manager

walk-on extra, "business man" leaving cab as the kids are getting into a cab from a motel (night scene)

Wide Theater release: January 14, 2005, debuted at #1!
DVD release June 21, 2005 (WIDESCREEN and full screen)

Met Samuel L. Jackson (have photo), Channing Tatum, and producer David Gale

approx. 100% of frame

"Providence" series finale, (5.13 "The Eleventh Hour" AKA "The Wedding Finale")
NBC, auction for charity chosen by Katie Couric at "Today" show

walk-on background extra
front row seated with (and in front of) secondary principals in the wedding scene

NBC aired December 20, 2002 9PM Eastern and Pacific, 8PM Central
DVD release May 18, 2004

approx. 3% of frame

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