Saturday, September 26, 2009

Filmography - DVD

National Lampoon's Teed Off Too

(and same title Uncensored)
Nick Tabri, dir.

golfer (uncredited, but "Thanks to participants" credit)
reaction shots to golf pranks

DVD release 2006

approx. 100% of frame

approx. 100% of frame

approx. 100% of frame

American Black Beauty

Independent film: ABB Productions / TAG Entertainment (DVD)

Townsfolk (Steve - no line nor credit)

Starring Dean Stockwell, Peter Jason, Leah Lail, Leif Garrett, ...

Leah Lail gave me the name, saying "Hey" to me in the diner.

She called me "Mason" but they ADR'd her line and she called me "Steve" in the final cut.

You couldn't see her face so she could have just waved and said nothing. Maybe they tried that and didn't like it. It didn't really matter since I didn't have a line. Maybe the director liked the name Steve better (for the Midwest).

DVD release May 2005

approx. 58% of frame
approx. 8% of frame
approx. 24% of frame
approx. 100% of frame
approx. 19% of frame

Independent film : Abbey Productions (DVD)

Congregational/community in close-up scene in the background with principals
Stars Chris Pine, Tom Bosley, Peter Greene
Orinda Film Festival, San Francisco CA mid-October 2004
Screening April 13, 2005, Hollywood CA
DVD release November 29, 2005

approx. 100% of frame
approx. 21% of frame

from "making of..."

approx. 19% of frame

Cloud 9

crowd extra in volleyball tournament

Stars Burt Reynolds, Angie Everhart, D.L. Hughley, Kenya Moore

DVD release January 3, 2006

approx. 11% of frame
approx. 15?% of frame

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