Sunday, September 27, 2009

Filmography - TV

"George Lopez" (6.4 "George Testi-lies for Benny")
ABC: Warner Brothers TV Prods.

courtroom gallery

Rita Moreno and Adam West guest star
"The People's Court" Judge Marilyn Millian also guest stars

approx 22/12/21% of frame
approx 26/25/24% of frame
Air date Feb 14,2007, We, ABC 8/7p

"Two and a Half Men" (3.17 "The Unfortunate Little Schnauser")
CBS: Warner Brothers TV

Waiter at award banquet, driving guest leaving

Air date March 13,2006, Mo, CBS 9/8p

approx 14% of frame
approx 18% of frame

"Commander-in-Chief" (1.12 "Wind Beneath My Wing")
ABC: Touchstone TV

Secret Service agent, LA presidential visit

Air date January 24,2006, Tu, ABC 10/9p
DVD Release September 5, 2006

approx 100% of frame

"UFO Files" (1.1 "Mexico's Roswell")
The History Channel

American Soldier in haz-mat suit

Air date December 12, Mo 8/7
DVD release: December 2005

approx 100% of frame

"Close to Home" (1.4 "Divine Direction")
CBS: Warner Brothers TV

Law clerk in office

Air date October 25, 2005, Tu 10/9

approx 25% of frame

"Las Vegas" (3.1 "Viva Las Vegas")
NBC: NBC Studios

VIP casino patron
one of the first few out to the floor of the new casino when it is opened, in the crowd at announcement by Lara Flynn Boyle (new owner) and concert by Big and Rich with Cowboy Troy, Cheryl Ladd bumped into me moving through crowd to the front and Josh Duhamel bumped into me going after theives

Air date September 19, 2005, Mo, NBC 9/8
DVD Release September 12, 2006

approx 100% of frame

"Boston Legal" (2.4 "A Whiff and a Prayer")
ABC: Kelley Productions

Court Clerk

sitting in front of the judge facing the lawyers and gallery during witness questioning by Candice Bergen, Julie Bowen, and William Russ, plus closing by William Shatner

Air date October 18,2005, Tu, NBC 10/9p
DVD release: November 21, 2006

approx. 100% of frame

"Bones" (1.1 "Pilot")
Fox: 20th Century Fox

Airport "European passenger"
Air date September 13, 2005, Fox 8/7

approx. 22% of frame

"Monk" (4.6 "Mr. and Mrs. Monk")
USA: Universal

Lookie Loo, newspaper office worker

Air date August 12, 2005
DVD Release June 27, 2006

approx 14% of frame

"Gilmore Girls" (5.20 "How Many Kropogs to Cape Cod?")
WB: Warner Brothers TV

Newspaper office worker

besides crossing, at receptionist desk, elevator, around group introductions

Air date Tuesday, May 3, 2005, 9/8
DVD release: October 5, 2005

approx. 34% of frame

"[SCRUBS]" (4.22 "My Big Move")
NBC: Touchstone TV

Cafeteria worker, ER atmosphere

I'd like to call the episode "The Janitor's new clothes" but I think the call sheet said "My Big Move"
I'm seen in the cafeteria "freeze" reaction and (previously though filmed later) the entrance reaction (CLOSEUP)

Air date Tuesday, April 12, 2005, 9/8
DVD Release October 11, 2006

approx. 100% of frame

"The Conquerors" (1.7: Hernán Cortés, "Cortés: Conqueror of Mexico")
The History Channel: Greystone TV

Spaniard, Conquistador

Air date March or April 2005
DVD release May 2005

approx. 100% of frame
approx. 100% of frame
approx. 100% of frame

"The Inside" (1.1 "Pilot" 1.4 "Theif of Hearts")
Fox: Imagine TV / Fox TV

FBI Tech room worker
"snazzy" lawyer, at federal building
In tech room when kidnapper is being tracked via computer

1.1 June 8, 2005, 10/9p

Walking outside Federal Building
1.4 June 29, 2005, 10/9p

approx. 17% of frame

"ER" (11.14 "Just as I am")
NBC: Warner Brothers Television

Church goer at choir rehearsal, seen pretty well behind Dr. Weaver but out of focus

Air date Thursday, February 10, 2005, 10/9 guest starring Frances Fisher

approx. 67% of frame

"NYPD Blue" (12.19 "Bale to the Chief")
ABC: 20th Century Fox TV / Steven Bochco

Driving by outside Middle Eastern cafe (internal shot)

Later a pedestrian, with a foreground cross I was close to the camera but blurry and Franz was far behind in car in-focus.

My car is definitely featured as Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Henry Simmons duck behind it and lean over it with guns against the perp.

Air date Tuesday, February 22, 2005, 10/9 as the next to last episode. This was NYPD Blue's last season.

approx. 77% of frame
approx. 66% of frame

"NUMB3RS" (1.2, 1.5, 1.7, 1.8, 1.9)
CBS: Paramount Television, Scott Free

FBI Agent in the office, 1.2 also in SWAT setting (see also below)

Tim Matheson, dir. et al

1.2 "Uncertainty Principle" air date January 28, 2005; April 8, 2005
1.3 "Vector" air date February 4, 2005
1.5 "Prime Suspect" air date February 18, 2005
1.7 "Counterfeit Reality" air date March 11, 2005
1.8* "Identity Crisis" air date April 1, 2005 - good visibility during scene with Lloyd and Morrow
1.9 "Sniper Zero" air date April 15, 2005

Season 1 DVD release May 30, 2006

approx. 39% of frame
approx. 35% of frame
Onlooker with car, bus passenger

Stars Rob Morrow, David Krumholtz, Alimi Ballard, Sabrina Lloyd, Judd Hirsch

Air date February 4, 2005

As I suspected, I was seen in the widescreen version in a shot where J.K. Simmons' character gets on a bus.

approx. 100% of frame

"Clubhouse" and "Providence" are seen on the Pay-to-charity and Volunteer post