Sunday, September 27, 2009

Filmography - Film

"Office Uprising" - feature film - dir. 
Technology Scientist (PhD)
 on set in Birmingham, Alabama

"Space Warriors" - feature film
Dermot Mulroney (and others) on set in Huntsville, Alabama 
BlueRay and TV release 2013

"Blades of Glory"


Coach; non-descript fan at Denver Nationals

Will Ferrell, John Heder, Any Poehler, Will Arnett, Craig T. Nelson, Romany Malco, Scott Hamilton, prod. Ben Stiller on set.

Theater release March 30, 2007
DVD release August 27, 2007

approx 13% of frame

Jordan Walker-Pearlman, wr/dir.

Bar patron, hotel guest
at table almost facing camera behind Lesley Ann Warren and Melissa De Sousa in one scene

Also on set Billy Dee Williams, Hill Harper, Zoe Saldana, Alec Newman, Howie (from the Backstreet Boys)

Premiere in Huntsville, AL January 27, 2007
Theater release February 2, 2007 (limited)
DVD release May 22, 2007

approx 17/33% of frame

Emilio Estevez, dir. : Bold Productions

Attendee at CA Primary victory speech of Bobby Kennedy before his assassination;
also Kennedy staffer/supporter, camera man

Stars Sharon Stone, Martin "Headlock" Sheen, Helen Hunt, Elijah Wood, Heather Graham, Lindsey Lohan, Christian Slater, Joshua Jackson, Freddie Rodriguez, William H. Macy, Shia LeBeuf, Joy Bryant, Brian Geraghty, Nick Cannon, Svetlana Metkina, Mary Elizabeth Winstead (ALL ON SET)
and several others who weren't on set when I was there.

Theater release: November 17, 2006 limited; November 23, 2006 (Thanksgiving Day) wide release
DVD release: April 10, 2007

approx 11/5/24/77% of frame

"Good Night and Good Luck"
George Clooney, exec. prod., dir.

Awards black tie guest (10-25-1958), made first shot of film, also a couple of table shots

Theater release October 14, 2005
DVD release March 16, 2006

approx 100/14/13/15 % of frame


Pier patron
We were at the Santa Monica Pier (amusement park), pretending to be in Corpus Christi TX

Stars Jake Gyllenhal, Jamie Foxx, ...

Theater release November 4, 2005
DVD release March 7, 2006

approx 19% of frame

"Herbie: Fully Loaded"
Disney, Team Douglas

Race fan
start/finish line, sidelines, and running into street behind cars
Also desert racing scenes in bleachers and on the sidelines (in one trailer but scene not in film)

Theater release June 24, 2005
DVD release October 25, 2005
DVD Special Edition release November 29, 2005

approx 100/30% of frame

"The Longest Yard" and "Coach Carter" appear on the Pay-to-charity and Volunteer post

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