Sunday, December 4, 2016

Producer by Contribution

"Bump" - Short film
Producer (via

"The Other"

"Tellurian" - short
Producer (via

"Deimosimine" - feature film
Executive Producer

"Circle" (2017)
"Mortality" (2015)

"WebCam" - short film
Associate Producer (via

"Mental: A Six Film" - documentary
Executive Producer (via

"The Barn" - documentary
Thank You (via

"Lullaby" - feature film
Supporter (via

"Ray & Liz" - feature film
Thanks (via

"Noor : A story of Kashmir" - feature film
Thanks (via

"The Dead Sea" (2016) - A short film about the Refugee Crisis by Stuart Gatt
Special Thanks (via

"The Bill Nye Film" (2016) - documentary
Thanked supporter (via

"For the Love of Spock" - feature-length documentary
Key Crew in Enterprise (via

"Endless Poetry (Poesía Sin Fin)" (2016) - feature film
Thanked supporter (via

"Fight for Space" - feature-length documentary
Thanked Kickstarter donor (via

"Evolution of a Criminal" - feature-length documentary
Thanked supporter (via

"Eat White Dirt" - short documentary
Special Thanks (via

Executive Producer - (9 retroactively, via

"Midnight" (2014) short film
"1 of 13" (2012) short film
"Behind You" (2011) short film
"Antihero" (2010) short film

"The Sky has Fallen" (2009) feature film

"Aspiring Artists" (2008) short documentary
"Betrayed" (2007) short film
"Hunted" (2008) short film
"Promise" (2007) short film
"In the Shadows" (2006) short film

"Dive" - feature film
Thanked supporter (via

"Dog Bowl" (2014) - short film
Production Assistant (credit via

"James White" - feature film
Kickstarter Producer

"Nothing Real" - short/music
Associate Producer (via

"Deadline" (2012) - feature film (starring Eric Roberts)
Associate Producer (via

"The First 70" - documentary on CA park closings
Backer via, Thanks credit to be in film
(not producer, per se)

"Clovis Dardentor"
You can be a producer too!!! For $10 or more, or £5 or more (about $7.50).

Other producers include:
Sir Ian McKellan
Rowan Atkinson
Stephen Fry
Jude Law

You can be a producer on this too!!!  For $1 or more.

"Mission X"
David Baker (UK)

"Craig" aka Craig the movie
technically sponsor, logo ad though could have been listed as producer for same
no credit in IMDb for sponsors

"The 1 Second Film" (see Filmography post as well)
You can be a producer on this too!!!!!!  for only $1 or more.
(also submitted footage for documentary)

Other producers include:
Spike Jonze ("Where the Wild Things Are")
Keifer Sutherland ("24")
Nia Vardalos ("My Big Fat Greek Wedding")
Seth Green
Tyson Beckford
Selma Blair
Jonah Hill
Ryan Reynolds
Stephen Colbert
Bill Pullman
Kevin Bacon
Corbin Bernsen ("LA Law","Psych")
Christina Ricci
Woody Harrelson ("Cheers","Zombieland")

and many,many,many,many more...

"Making Miss June"
Sunnyside Films (UK)

(not sure if it was released, went to DVD, etc.; underdog horse story around "Seabiscuit" time)

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